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Virtual conferences

Modern events prepared to meet the needs and expectations of both participants and organisers. They are accessible to everyone, which increases their reach and engages viewers.

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Conferences, galas, premieres, fairs and festivals that take place online. At Lively, we like the definition that says: an online event connects participants digitally using various online tools.

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Accessible, scalable and easy to promote. Designed to engage participants interested in the topic of the meeting, they allow the collection of data about the viewers and facilitate communication with them before, during and after the event.

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Conferences, galas, premieres, fairs and festivals that take place online. At Lively, we like the definition that says: an online event connects participants digitally using various online tools.

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Our team of virtual event specialists works very quickly.

We will get back to you within 15 minutes. Within 24 hours you will have a ready propsal with a cost estimation.

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What they say about us

  • Michał Polak
    The project turned out to be a great success, which is best evidenced by the feedback we received from the participants of the event, including many kind words and praise for the conference itself and also its efficient organisation.

    Together with Lively, we managed to organise an online event for over 2,000 participants. We would like to thank you for your fruitful cooperation and we hope to carry out further activities in the online world.
    Michał Polak
    Deputy Chair of the Management Board, Warsaw Institute of Banking
  • dr Agnieszka Konior
    The whole event ran smoothly and was prepared with due diligence. The commitment and sense of responsibility of the agency team was particularly noteworthy, a fact also confirmed by the other conference participants in messages sent to the organisers.

    Together, we managed to create a well-coordinated team that organised the conference "Research in the culture sector: Future and change".
    dr Agnieszka Konior
    chairperson of the conference organising committee, UJ
  • Mateusz Kaliński
    The whole conference went very smoothly with great attention to detail.

    We were also pleasantly surprised by the commitment of the representatives of the agency during the implementation, which was also confirmed by the conference participants. Lively produced the "INSO 2020" conference very efficiently.
    Mateusz Kaliński
  • Andrew Reed
    The project was a great success, to which the proof is the feedback we collected from the participants of the event.

    There were lots of kind words and praise about the conference itself and the organization of it.

    Together with Lively, we created a great team, which made the live broadcast compelling and engaging. We sincerely recommend the Lively agency as a reliable and trustworthy partner.
    Andrew Reed
    Chief Commercial Officer, Catalyx
  • Małgorzata Figiel and Almudena Ponce Salvatierra
    The “1st Women in Science Symposium” was a great success, testament to which is the feedback we received from the event participants.

    There were lots of kind words and praise for the conference itself, and also its organisation. Together with Lively, we made a great team, which made our debut event possible.
    Małgorzata Figiel and Almudena Ponce Salvatierra
    Organizing committee, TheInternational Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology in Warsaw

Lively online event management company
virtual event
management experts

We are a passionate team specialising in virtual conference management. We love facing challenges, and we always appreciate professionalism and time.

Creativity and constant pursuit of more and more efficient solutions are the features that characterise us. Thanks to them, we guarantee quality online conferences organisation for up to 10 000 participants. We’ll be more than happy to arrange events for you. Just tell us about your expectations.

How can virtual event management company
we help you
with virtual
event management?

Although it might be surprising to you, we do more than just choosing the right tools and creating a website, where users can sign up for your event. Virtual event management is a complex process that requires creativity, and knowledge of solutions and technologies. So, what will happen when you decide to cooperate with us?

What does online conference management
online conference
look like?

We are ready to help you with webinars, live broadcasts, workshops, trainings, and online event management. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg! Especially for you, we can also arrange a virtual award ceremony, remote voting, poster session, or a virtual festival.

We specialise in organising online meetings, and virtual team buildings. As a team, we realise that the online world offers boundless possibilities, and we’ll be happy to take time to show you what your dream event could look like!

Where do we start?

At the beginning, we'll focus on creating a plan of your event. We'll also take care of its visual identity, to ensure that it catches the eyes of potential participants, and emphasizes important information.

We’ll also provide you with a detailed script - all this to create a unique atmosphere during your virtual event.

What else?

Additionally, we help all speakers prepare for their online presentations. Don’t worry if you aren’t sure what clothes to wear and what to focus on to attract participants’ attention to your content. Our mission is to make all the technical issues clear to every speaker even before the event starts.

Organising virtual conferences

We are real experts when it comes to the organisation of online conferences with intuitive menus and meeting agendas, networking, speaker profiles, expo areas, and meeting rooms.


Since it’s crucial to build your recognition and reach a wide audience, we’ll develop a website dedicated to your event to guide participants through intuitive registration, and plan our communication with them before, during, and after the event.

As we pay great attention to evaluation, we’ll help you conduct surveys among participants. After all, the effectiveness of a virtual event management company is also determined by the satisfaction and impressions of the recipients.

While organising events, we tailor all solutions and methods to your individual needs. Lively equals all online tools in one place.

With us, the online world is:

  • at your fingertips,
  • friendly,
  • just for you!